In Mathew 6.33 Jesus speaks to people who’re anxious and worrying.  What will I wear?  What will I eat?  What will I get?  What if stuff doesn’t turn out the way I want?  I’ve been drawn to this passage for a long time because I can relate.  I’m a worrier.  I don’t know if I inherited it (my parents and grandparents were often up in the middle of the night…”can’t sleep”…fretting) or came to it on my own; but I do worry about things that haven’t happened yet, even feeling bad about outcomes that haven’t happened yet.  It’s not always a pleasant or helpful way to live.  Know what I mean?

But in Matthew 6 Jesus offers us a healing balm.  Don’t be anxious.  Don’t worry about all the stuff you want to get.  Don’t fret about tomorrow.  Deal with tomorrow tomorrow.  Right now seek first the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness and all that other will come as needed.

So what does that mean?  Get inside the ancient Biblical language and it’s really pretty simple.  It’s about love.  Love God.  Love your neighbor.  Love yourself.  The closer you get to that three-way-love the more you reflect God’s righteousness (right-relatedness) in your mind and heart and life.  Center your life in that three-way-love and you’ll discover God’s “kingdom” coming true within you and without you.  As scripture says in many places and in many ways—don’t be anxious.  Don’t be afraid. Seek first to love—love God, love others, love you.  Trust God and trust the journey.  You’ll sleep better.  Also, you’ll change the world around you.

All good things to you, david

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This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. –Psalm 118.24

Friday is the Holy day for Muslims.  For Jews the Sabbath begins at sundown this evening.  For the rest of us, what?  Happy Hour?  Cheap well drinks?  Half-price appetizers?   T.G.I.F.  Time to get off work.  Time to rest.  Time to party!!!!

I’m not actually down on getting off work, relaxing with friends, enjoying a few simple pleasures.  I’m down with T.G.I.F.   But in the words of Psalm 118.24 we can actually drink from a much deeper well and feast from a totally better menu than wings and chips, as much as I like those things.  This is the day the Lord has made; let’s rejoice and be glad in it.  I’m pretty sure the person who first wrote that meant every day.  God made every day. You and I live in God’s wondrous world. New each morning we can breath in and breath out and smile. We have hearts that beat and minds to know the divinity of just what is.  To some degree or another we can all taste and see, hear and smell, touch and feel, rejoice and be glad.

And so our prayer to begin each new day might go like this:  “I am here.  Where is here?  Here is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  God, help me with this.  Lord, thank you for this.”  With that song-poem-prayer on our hearts there is, I believe, a much greater chance that every hour will be a happy hour and the appetizers–even the main course–will be free, and all who thirst and hunger will be satisfied.  Time to party, friends!  T.G.I.–S.M.T.W.T.F.S.

All good things to you,


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