The Business of Busy-ness

Well, summer is officially over, school has been in session for several weeks now. Most families are getting settled into the new routines of school, work, home, and extra-curricular activities that are part of the education system today. Trying to cover all the bases that these different activities entail can be difficult. Trying to work some quality family time into that busy schedule can really be a challenge. The business of being a family can be overwhelmed by just being busy trying to go all the different places, get the children to their various activities, and deciding who will cover what errand or task. When do we stop to take a breath? When do we find time to pray and be in the presence of God? Where do we go to get away from the managing the business of busy-ness? Sometimes we just have to stop for a moment and offer a breath prayer to God. Something like “O Lord, I just have a moment. Please help me to feel your Presence. Pour your grace over me so I can make it through this day.” Just stopping for a moment can make a big difference. Won’t you take a moment to breathe today?