about faith

Faith United Methodist Church, 2701 South Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas, began in 1951.  Our roots are deep in the Methodist movement begun by John Wesley in 18th century England. Wesley’s driving question was “how do we live a Christian life?”  Not so much what theological statements do we need to believe in, but what should we do.  What did Jesus do?  Do that.  Wesley’s methods for how to live a Christian life gave us our name.  We worship, pray, give, and serve, with unconditional love and grace.  Social holiness is our passion.  How can we actually help people?  For Wesley, and for us, faith is a verb.

We care deeply about welcoming people just as well as Jesus did.  All are welcome.  Join us for worship some Sunday and you’ll see just how true that is.

Our Pastor, Rip Collins, was appointed to Faith UMC in July of 2014. Rip brings to the Faith spiritual family his experience from other pastoral appointments, as well as from his roles in leadership with ministries of spiritual formation and the practice of prayer and spiritual exercises. Our Generation Praise Band leader is Phil Jones, an Austin based Christian singer-songrwitrer and leader of SunriseMinistries.org.

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