Hope of Life Community

FUMC Hope of Life

2017 Hope of Life Worship and Prayer Conference

On Saturday, May 6 through Sunday, May 7, 2017 the Hope of Life Community was host to this gathering of spiritual brothers and sisters from all over the world. You can view some of the worship and preaching at the link below:

LiveStream Internet Link


Hope of Life Worship Community

11:30 am Saturdays in the Faith UMC Willenberg Hall

10:00 am Sundays in the Faith UMC Willenberg Hall

Hope of Life is a new worship community at Faith UMC. It is largely made of a group of people of international origin who are now living in the Austin area where they have emigrated to escape the travails of decades-long war, poverty, and religious persecution in their country of origin. They have come to this country in hope of finding new life after living in places ravaged by years of war, famine, or natural disaster. These legal residents seek to become full members and citizens in their new home. They realize that an important part of being connected to a community is being involved in, and fully participating in, the life of a local church. And so they have come to Faith UMC and joined with our spiritual family.  The original members of the Hope of Life Community, were Congolese refugees who began joining together at Faith UMC during the Spring of 2014 to celebrate the goodness and grace of God at work in their lives in bringing them to a new home where they can live and worship freely.

The worship style is informal with music, prayer, personal witness, and Bible teaching integrated into an unscripted praise and worship service.


Faith UMC is now offering English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses!

Class sessions held after worship on Sundays @ 12:30 pm in the Alpha Classroom.


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